Events & Courses: Cambridge Birth-3rd Grade Partnership

Upcoming Events

Full STEAM Ahead: Pre-K-2 STEAM Activities

Tue. Apr. 13 '21 Join us as we dive into hands-on STEAM activities that can be implemented virtually or in-person with young learners. This workshop will address simple ways to explore and reflect on how curiosity and engagement can be encouraged. Learn how STEAM Habits of Mind can be fostered in our youngest learners through experimentation and play! Learn More⟶

Reading Together: Connecting Children and Books

Tue. Apr. 13 '21 How do you make the most of story time and get children talking about what they see and hear in books? How do you choose a book that will really resonate? Join us to explore using read aloud time to discover joy and foster important personal connections for children between books and the world around them. Learn More⟶

Loose Parts: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Loose Part Play (for preschool and kindergarten)

Tue. Apr. 13 '21 During this hour-long session, teachers will reflect on how loose parts play can benefit learning for their students’ age group. We will review what loose parts are, how teachers and children might use them, how to manage them, and how to find them. Resources will include a letter to parents and a loose parts idea list. Learn More⟶

Teaching Justice Not Fear (a social justice curriculum for young children)

Wed. Apr. 14 '21 This session will incorporate books, visuals, mindfulness activities, courageous conversations, and social studies about people of power and change-makers. Participants will leave the session with a bibliography of diverse and change-maker books for adults and children so you can start to have or continue challenging conversations with young people in your life. Come join us in rich conversation and discussion. *This session will repeat twice. You can join either the afternoon or evening session. Learn More⟶

B3 Networking Event: Topic - Meet with B3 Partnership Team

Wed. Apr. 14 '21 Come join us to meet the B3 team and learn about our work! Learn More⟶

Navigating Disruption and Uncertainty with Young Children- Supporting Social Emotional Learning

Wed. Apr. 14 '21 This workshop will address supporting positive behavior in children and the benefits of practicing self regulation. We will address routines that help adults and children navigate challenging times as well as strategies to promote healthy problem solving. Learn about the meaning of “emotional communication” and how to manage it. Join us for a session focused on taking care of ourselves and our children. Learn More⟶

Growing Healthy Brains

Thu. Apr. 15 '21 A child’s brain undergoes its most dramatic growth and development during the early childhood years. During this workshop you will learn about the developing brain, the importance of relationships in enhancing brain development, and the importance of reducing toxic stress for optimal brain development. Activities and experiences that support healthy brain development will be explored. Early childhood educators are Brain Architects! Come learn why. Learn More⟶

Tips for Using Positive Descriptive Feedback with Children to Reduce Challenging Behavior

Thu. Apr. 15 '21 Are you interested in learning about an evidence-based practice that supports children’s social-emotional learning and reduces challenging behavior!? If so, join this workshop to discuss ways in which you can intentionally and consistently use positive descriptive feedback, also referred to as behavior-specific praise. Through rich discussions, video clips, and scenarios, educators will practice using positive descriptive feedback to promote appropriate behaviors during a school day, and how it can help children who need extra support with specific behaviors. Learn More⟶

Introduction to “Listening to Our Bodies, Minds & Souls Together!”

Mon. Apr. 12 '21 — Fri. Apr. 16 '21    Even before COVID-19, we were so busy caring for others that there did not seem to be any time for ourselves. And now more than a year into dealing with it, even though the availability of the vaccines brings us some hope, what we have on our plates has not only increased significantly but it is also more complex and stressful, leaving us feeling like there is no time for ourselves. Yet, more than ever our bodies, minds and souls need nourishment in order to better equip us not only to survive but also to thrive and engage whole-heartedly in what we need and want to do. Join us in learning and practicing easy and quick to implement wellness skills (such as mindfulness, stretches, massages) that you can incorporate into your busy lives and possibly share with loved ones! Learn More⟶

Meaningful Music Play Part 2: Songs and Games for 4-6 year olds and their Caretakers

Fri. Apr. 16 '21 Tired of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’? Stuck on ‘Baby Shark’? Join Rock and Roll Daycare’s Phil Berman for a morning of interactive songs and ideas for purposeful, joyful music connection to the preschool and young elementary children in your care. We’ll tell music and sound stories, move our bodies, engage the voice, and explore strategies to diversify and expand your early childhood music repertoire. Open to music lovers of all experience levels with a Q&A session to follow. A shaker, a scarf, and a child are recommended but optional. Learn More⟶

Hands-On Math for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Fri. Apr. 16 '21 Math learning starts when children first begin to explore the world. Even the furniture in your home can teach math! Learn what "mathematics" looks like as a child grows from infant to preschooler. Gain some ideas for fun and easy math activities using materials and objects from around your home. Both parents and educators are welcome! Learn More⟶

Family Story Night

Fri. Apr. 16 '21 Families are invited for a special evening of stories for children! We will celebrate the Week of the Young Child by reading, singing, talking, and playing. Come prepared to join in, sing along, and have a great time. Learn More⟶

Joyful Math Routines for the Early Years

Thu. Apr. 15 '21 — Fri. Apr. 16 '21    Experience early childhood instructional routines that model equity-based practices and joyful interactions around math for Pre-K students. These routines are open-ended, inviting a variety of responses that connect to young children's real-life experiences and give them space to express their mathematical reasoning. Participating in these routines will set children up for similar routines that are introduced in the Cambridge Public Schools starting in kindergarten. Learn More⟶

Consejos para utilizar comentarios descriptivos y positivos con los niños en su programa para reducir los comportamientos desafiantes

Fri. Apr. 16 '21 ¿Está interesado en aprender sobre una práctica basada en la investigación, la cual apoya el aprendizaje socio-emocional de los niños y reduce el comportamiento desafiante? Si es así, únase a este taller para discutir las formas en las que puede utilizar de manera intencional y constante los comentarios descriptivos y positivos. A través de discusiones enriquecedoras, videos y escenarios, los educadores practicarán el uso de comentarios descriptivos & positivos para promover comportamientos apropiados durante las rutinas del día. Learn More⟶

B3 Networking Event: Topic - Meet with B3 Partnership Team

Fri. Apr. 16 '21 Come join us to meet the B3 team and learn about our work! Learn More⟶