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WOYC Children who are English Language Learners who also have Disabilities

Sat. Apr. 1 '23 Join us during the Week of the Young Child to explore strategies that address the needs of dual language learners who also have identified special needs. This session is geared for early childhood teachers interested in developing the skills needed to meet students where they are and remove barriers to learning. This hands-on workshop will explore a collaborative approach to creating safe, supportive, and universally designed learning environments for all young scholars to play, explore, and express themselves creatively. Learn More⟶

WOYC Cambridge Preschool Program: Reducing Suspension and Expulsion Practices in Early Childhood Settings

Sat. Apr. 1 '23 Young children in state-funded preschool settings are expelled at three times the rate of K–12 students. Suspension and expulsion from early childhood education programs are prevalent and problematic, and disproportionately impact children of color. Collaboratively we will consider how research, relationships, strength-based approaches, and experiential understanding affect our learning environments. Join us for an in-depth panel discussion and exploratory workshop as we strategize prevention techniques on exclusionary practices. Learn More⟶

WOYC Networking Session

Sat. Apr. 1 '23 ​Please join the Cambridge Office of Early Childhood as we network with one another to kick off a week of professional development opportunities at our 3rd Annual Week of the Young Child event! Enjoy a friendly cup of coffee and light breakfast in-person at Lesley University Hall. Learn More⟶

WOYC Stress and Human Development In Children and their Caregivers

Sat. Apr. 1 '23 In this workshop we will explore how the stress response system functions in children and adults. How do your relationships and the environment stress and support you and the children in your care? We will review how stress impacts behavior, health, and development. In identifying stressors and ways to reduce them, you will be better able to promote healthy development, positive behaviors and happy classrooms. Learn More⟶

WOYC Shifting from "Reacting to Stress" to "Responding to Stress"

Mon. Apr. 3 '23 The days are getting longer, and there is a hint of spring in the air. The pandemic does not feel as scary as it was, yet do you feel as if your levels of stress continue to be high or are even rising? If the answer is yes, you are not alone! What we have been hearing and seeing on the news at the local, national, and global levels is overwhelmingly daunting, affecting both our personal and professional lives. Moreover, in our field we have been acutely experiencing the nationwide ECE staffing crisis, as well as increased, more diverse and more complex needs of children and their families. No wonder our stress reactivity (fight, flight or freeze) has been turning on more frequently and intensely, making us feel more tired and uneasy. Yikes! The good news is that we are capable of shifting from "Reacting to Stress" to "Responding to Stress." Come and join us if you are interested in and up for learning and practicing some ways to make this shift so that we can feel calmer, more peaceful and grounded despite the challenges we face! Learn More⟶

WOYC Career Pathways for Early Childhood Educators

Tue. Apr. 4 '23 Are you ready to grow professionally? Do you want to explore new ideas in early childhood education? Are you confused about how to begin? This session will explore the pathways early childhood educators can take to advance their career. Whether you have a High School diploma, some college credits, or a bachelor's degree, a representative from Lesley University will explain your options and give you a chance to ask questions. Learn More⟶

WOYC Family Engagement and the Pyramid Model

Wed. Apr. 5 '23 Families, caregivers, and early childhood educators working together is a central focus of the Pyramid Model. This partnership enhances everyone's ability to understand and respond to the social-emotional needs that children have and prevents behavior that is challenging using consistent, positive support. Each tier of the Pyramid Model has great opportunities for educators and programs to collaborate with and support diverse families. During this workshop, we will discuss various resources and strategies for partnering with families in meaningful ways. Learn More⟶

WOYC Children with Sensory Processing Differences

Thu. Apr. 6 '23 Do you know a child who just doesn’t seem to listen,or can’t sit still, or overreacts to everything? Children who have difficulty processing sensory input can also have challenges with behavior, communication, and carrying out everyday activities. Learn more about this complex disorder and how you can adapt your environment and interactions to support these children. Participants will be able to: ~ Identify the sensory processes and how they influence child development and behavior. ~Use strategies to support children who have difficulty processing and integrating sensory input. The training is interactive, including sharing by participants. A "Course Guide" will be provided as well to encourage engagement and share resources. Learn More⟶

Pedagogical Leader COP

Thu. Nov. 3 '22 — Thu. May. 4 '23    Supporting teachers and developing their potential is critical for the success of the early childhood workforce. During our time together in this moderated peer-to-peer Community of Practice, we will share and discuss strategies and techniques to fill your coaching / leadership toolbelt. Learn More⟶